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Why Buying A Villa In Green Villa 2 Is Better Than An Apartment In Noida Extension

There are many apartment options available in Noida Extension, but renting an apartment does not mean you need to live with overpopulation and cramped living. If you're tired of living in crowded apartments, or want a place that's bigger than your home — or maybe even more significant than the entire apartment complex — then a villa might be the perfect solution for you. Here's why buying a villa in Green Villa 2 is better than an apartment in Noida Extension.

Why Green Villa 2 Is Better Than Apartment?

There are several reasons why Green Villa 2 is better than an apartment in Noida Extension. For one thing, it's much more spacious and luxurious. It also comes in many different kinds of styles and designs that suit your needs and preferences. If you're looking for something that's bigger but still cozy, then a villa will be perfect for you.

Another important reason why you should buy a villa instead of an apartment is that they come with more amenities and with more space you can customize as per your requirement. An apartment can only fit so many people in it, so if you plan on having friends over often or having any kind of big gatherings then an apartment may not be ideal. Green Villa 2 on the other hand can easily accommodate up to 5-6 people at once because its maximum occupancy is typically higher than the average apartment building size limit.

Amenities Offered By Green Villa 2

There are several amenities that are offered by Green Villa 2 such as 24-hour security, Earthquake resistance, CCTV cameras, a kid play area, an Indoor game room, Fire fighting systems, a lift, Power backup, a Club House, and many more.

Price Comparison Between Green Villa 2 Vs Apartments In Noida Extension

When you are planning to buy a villa or an apartment in Noida Extension, it is important for you to compare prices. You should also consider the amenities offered by both options. With this price comparison, you can make an informed decision.

Green Villa 2:

Green Villa 2 price ranges start from 58 Lakhs to 77 Lakhs, depending on the size and customization of the property. The best thing about Green Villa 2 is that you can rent your space to college-going students or some other professionals. The average rent price of independent villas in greater Noida west is around 15000 rupees per month. The prices vary from location to location and also depend upon whether you want a single-floor or two or three floors villa.

Apartments In Noida Extension:

Apartments in Noida Extension are priced between 2-3 lakhs per square feet or even more for larger apartments. Most of these apartments offer all modern facilities such as air conditioning, elevator facility, etc., which makes them ideal for families who want to live together under one roof with their children and pets as well! But when we talk about investing then this was not the best option as the rent prices for apartments are not much as compared to Villas.

Pros And Cons Of Villa


  • Extra space for your family or friends with privacy as well

  • Easy to maintain, and customize to your own needs

  • Ideal for big families

  • You can also find duplex villas in Noida Extension easily


  • Price is higher as compared to apartments

  • Less popular in the rental market

  • Maintenance is a bit expensive

Pros And Cons Of Apartments


  • Comparatively affordable than villas

  • Much easier to maintain and more flexible to move around

  • More popular in Rental Market

  • Ideal for small families or couples


  • Space is less and you may feel limited privacy

  • Because of less spacious it may bit difficult to customize

  • A lower level of hygiene

Who Wins?

The question is which is a better villa or an apartment? So, it can be hard to figure out which is the best choice for you. And while both villas and apartments have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages, other factors to consider aside from those listed above include security, community, facilities, access to club facilities, etc.

Villas offer space and privacy to do with it what you’d like such as an independent villa or duplex villa. Their presence also helps protect your investment by giving you peace of mind that your home is safe from intruders. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make money through stand-alone rental properties or even a portfolio of investments in different locations around the NCR then a Green Villa 2 Noida Extension may be right for you.

An apartment complex offers positives in terms of better security, access to club facilities, etc. On the other hand, there are some downsides such as a lack of privacy, space, and convenient access to amenities such as supermarkets, etc. Another drawback is that renting an apartment isn’t as much fun as owning one since there are no financial rewards.

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